Staying safe at school

If you feel unsafe at school, you should talk to an adult you trust.

There is lot of good advice on the Childline website:

These resources include the following:

  • Going back to school
  • School work and exam stress
  • Tips to boost your confidence
  • Being bullied.


The definition of bullying used in Bexley is:

  • Behaviour by an individual or group usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically, emotionally or mentally
  • A power imbalance in favour of the aggressor
  • A victim who cannot match that power
  • It is repeated often over a period of time.

Young people in Bexley also describe bullying as:

  • Unjustified/unprovoked actions taken against someone
  • Making someone so uncomfortable it becomes unbearable by even just the presence of another
  • Intimidation including anti-social behaviour by a group.

Bullying UK have a wide range of resources with advice on how to cope with the different effects of bullying, you can find these here:

The resources cover the following subjects and more:

  • Taking time off school because of bullying
  • Moving school if you are being bullied
  • What to do if the school doesn’t resolve the bullying
  • Being bullied by a teacher
  • What to do if the bullies have taken your friends away
  • What to do about bullying at a private or independent school.

staying safe at school