Bexley S.H.I.E.L.D. has a shared vision for all children and young people:

In Bexley, we want healthy safe, resilient family networks in communities that are also safe. We want children to attain the skills that they need at schools and colleges so that they grow up to be independent and productive. We want children and young people driving our local growth and engaging in the plans we make and the services we deliver.

We have 3 overarching success measures for the partnership:

  • Restorative learning with families and children
  • Learning with practitioners
  • A kind and healing system.

The partnership recognises that in order to be successful and work well together, we need the following context and system conditions:

  • Relationship based – both practitioners with each other and with families – a ‘we’ and not ‘those others’
  • A kind but accountable partnership
  • Equal between statutory partners
  • Engaging of a range of communities, schools, colleges, early years providers, voluntary partners and those whose work affects children.

This website is a resource for children, young people and their families, as well as practitioners who are supporting them. Some of the information we need to publish in line with statutory guidance. Practitioners will use the website to book our multi-agency training courses as well as access reports and other practice guidance. Some pages of the website are designed with  children, young people and their families in mind.