We have been asking you to share ‘good news’ stories with us, including any creative and inspirational work completed by children and young people during COVID-19.

John Seal, Team Leader for the Bexley Kickstart Motor Project has been sharing examples of what the young people on this project have been doing during COVID-19 including art work, baking and photography. We are sure you will agree they are a talented group of young people! John also highlighted, “If you’re looking for more positive activities young people have engaged in during these difficult times, the young people at Kickstart are currently repairing and restoring a number of push bikes. This has kept them busy and their minds active, both of which have been helpful during lockdown. Once they have repaired these bikes, we hope to donate them to local charities / groups.”

The Bexley Kickstart Motor Project aims to help young people progress, wherever their starting point and teaches the young people both basic and advanced motorbike maintenance skills. If you would like to see more of the young people’s photographic skills, please see their Facebook page here.

Referrals to the project are made via the Bexley Targeted Youth Service. If you would like any further information about the project, please contact John.Seal@bexley.gov.uk.