Modern slavery

In the London Borough of Bexley, we are committed to the opposition of modern slavery and human trafficking and are working with our partners to drive the identification, recognition, awareness, and disruption of this heinous crime.

The London Borough of Bexley has been chosen to be one of 20 local authorities (including 10 existing sites) in a bid to the Home Office to deliver a pilot devolving responsibility to make local NRM decisions for children. The NRM is a framework for referring and identifying potential victims of modern slavery and ensuring that they receive appropriate support.

(NRM) Devolved Decision Making Pilot – Staff Briefing

The London Borough of Bexley’s Modern Slavery Strategy and Toolkit sets out our local partnership approach (including referral pathways) and is available to read on request to the Community Safety team via email to

modern day slavery

First Responders have a duty to notify the Home Office of any individual encountered who we believe is a suspected victim of modern slavery or human trafficking. By referring a victim to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM), the Home Office can investigate the circumstances of someone’s exploitation further and provide the necessary support to potential victims and survivors of modern slavery. The London Borough of Bexley’s Referral Pathway for Victims of Modern Slavery can be found here:

Bexley Referral Process for Victims of Modern Slavery

Bexley Referral Process for Victims of Modern Slavery (accessible version)