Child sexual exploitation

If you suspect that a child is being sexually exploited, you must firstly contact Children’s Social Care on 020 3045 5440 (outside of office hours, telephone 0208 303 7777). For more information, you can read more here:

Are You Worried About a Child

Definition and guidance

The Department for Education (DfE) published a revised definition of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and a guide for practitioners and managers in February 2017.

Advice for practitioners working with children includes: a definition of CSE; potential indicators of CSE; how children are sexually exploited; and how sexual exploitation affects children.

Guidance for managers and leaders includes: prevention, educating practitioners, educating children and young people, and educating parents and carers.

There are 2 annexes to the guidance. Annex A covers adolescent development and includes: transitions; relationships; key risks and responses. Annex B is a guide to disruption orders and legislation setting out examples of disruption measures, civil powers and criminal offences which may be used by practitioners.

The document is available here:

Child sexual exploitation: definition and guide for practitioners

National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

18 March has been designated as National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day, organised by the National Working Group Exploitation Response Unit – see the links below:

National CSE Awareness Day


Barnardo’s have a number of guides on their website:

The NSPCC have produced a video about how a child may be affected by CSE:

Waltham Forrest Council made a short video in 2016 aimed at professionals about victim blaming language:

The ‘It’s not okay’ website and campaign is a unique collaboration of public and third sector partners throughout Greater Manchester. Information for professionals can be found here:

child sexual exploitation